Born to Run 2: The Ultimate Training Guide

Born to Run is the most popular book ever written about the world’s most popular sport.

Now, Born to Run 2 reveals the training secrets that made it possible. Christopher McDougall and coach Eric Orton describe the techniques for rebuilding McDougall in just one year from an injured, discouraged, overweight ex-athlete into an ultramarathoner capable of tackling a 50-mile race against Mexico’s legendary “Running People.” Full of helpful illustrations and full-color photos, Born to Run 2 is the perfect companion for anyone who wants to learn the ancestral way to run smoother, lighter, and faster — forever.



Training App

The Born to Run Training Plan — On Your Phone

Born to Run 2 includes a unique 90 Day “Run Free” training program designed to clean up your running form, strengthen your key muscle systems, and prepare you to tackle any endurance challenge. Using the Run Free approach, you’ll clear away those nagging aches and prevent future injuries. Instead of a chore, your running will be fun and easy again, no matter the distance. Run Free is perfect for roads and trails, and ideal for both beginners and veterans ready for a fresh start. Full access is free with purchase of Born to Run 2.


Running the World

Right now, friends are getting together to enjoy a run. It happens every day, on every corner of the planet. They’re not out to beat each other. They’re out to be with each other, to share each other’s strength and companionship. That’s the great secret of the Rarámuri, the finest runners on earth. That’s also the spirit of Born to Run.  This year, come join us as we set off to explore Born to Run World.

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Born to Run Community

No one ever finished a run with a friend and thought, “Well, that was a bad idea.” When it comes to running distances and forming communities, humans are the best in the world. We’re are the most social creatures ever. So if you mostly run with your dog, or your thoughts, or your music, somewhere near you is a group that would love to meet you. We feature them all at @borntorun_world