Xero Shoes X Born To Run


We do not often partner with brands, especially shoe brands, but when we do there is a darn good reason: 

“I never found a shoe company I could believe in until I put these on my feet. I’m so happy to partner with Xero Shoes, and I’m 100% confident in recommending them to anybody.”
– Christopher McDougall, co-author, Born to Run 2.


Christopher McDougall and Eric Orton, co-authors of the best-selling Born to Run 2, have teamed up with Xero Shoes to create exclusive versions of their favorite naturally inspired running shoes.

The Mesa Trail II and Zelen’s lightweight, foot-friendly designs have already helped tens of thousands of people experience the joy of barefoot-style running.

They’re also an eye-catching, minimalist must-have for everything you do.

Wearing the Born to Run trail and road shoes says you’re part of a community that’s serious about running faster and further with ease – and keeping your feet healthy and happy doing it.



The Born To Run Shoes are NOW available