Training Plan

Born to Run is the most popular book ever written about the world’s most popular sport.

Now, Born to Run 2: The Ultimate Training Guide reveals the training secrets that made it possible. Christopher McDougall and coach Eric Orton describe the techniques that transformed McDougall in just one year from an injured, discouraged, overweight ex-athlete into an ultramarathoner capable of tackling a 50-mile race against Mexico’s legendary “Running People.”

Packed with advice and inspiring stories from runners who have made the transition, Born to Run 2 includes:

  • ‘Perfect Form’ exercises that will overhaul your stride in less than ten minutes
  • A two-week nutritional reboot that will set you on the path toward healthy eating
  • A 90-Day Run Free Program, fully illustrated with photographs, designed so you can run faster, farther, and forever.
  • Training lessons learned from Mexico’s legendary Rarámuri and decades of running research and experience.

Born to Run 2 features a unique 90 Day “Run Free” training program that’s designed to clean up your running form, strengthen your key muscle systems, and prepare you to tackle any endurance challenge. The Run Free Program is perfect for roads and trails, and ideal for both beginners and veterans ready for a fresh start.

You can download “Run Free” on your phone for with purchase of Born to Run 2.

Or you can purchase it separately for $59 on Training Peaks,

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