Born 2 Sweepstakes on Instagram:

No purchase necessary to enter

Prizes include: 

  • Free guaranteed entry in the Leadville Marathon
  • Free run training camp in Mexico’s Copper Canyons with Coach Eric
  • Advance copy of Born to Run 2 hand-delivered by Chris and Eric.
  • Special Club Division! Chris and Eric will visit your run club, anywhere in the US, for a special one day workshop.

Here's How You Enter

  1. Follow @Borntorun_world on Instagram
  2. Post your favorite Run Photo to YOUR Instagram account and Include the hashtag #Borntorun2
  3. Enter as often as you like. The more you enter, the better your chances.
  4. Special Club Divison: Post a club photo with #Borntorun2club. Every club member can enter on behalf of their club.
  5. You can enter both Solo and Club Divisions.

Here’s how you win:

  1. We’ll release a new prize every time we climb the Born to Run 2 pre-order ladder.
  2. For example: When we hit 500 book pre-orders, we’ll award the Pinole Blue Buffet. At 1,000 book pre-orders, the Ruffwear Performance Dog package is in play.
  3. We’ll keep on climbing the prize ladder until we reach the Big Kahuna at 10,000 pre-orders: Eric Orton and I will hand-deliver an advance copy of Born to Run 2 and treat you to lunch and a run in your hometown anywhere in the United States (c’mon, Hawaii!)
  4. And remember: no purchase is necessary to enter the Sweepstakes. You don’t have to pre-order a book. You just need to follow the posting rules on Instagram and hope other people are pre-ordering a book.


Prize 1: 60 min video consultation with Born To Run Coach Eric Orton to discuss and plan you next great run adventure.

Prize 2: Pinole Blue Buffet, including Endurobites, Atole Mix, and Original Blue

Prize 3: Caballo Blanco “Run Free” Memorial Package, including Caballo’s original design race shirt and Caballo memento coffee mug.

Prize 4: Chris McDougall and Eric Orton Signed Book Bundle. Your own autographed copies of Born to Run, Natural Born Heroes, Running with Sherman, and The Cool Impossible.

Prize 5: Ruffwear Performance Dog Package, including trail harness, leash, and toys.

Prize 6: Custom-made Luna Sandals, handcrafted to your design by Barefoot Ted

Prize 7: Janji All-Weather Kit, including shorts, tee, jacket, and tights.

Prize 8: Xero Shoes All-Terrain Package, including sandals, road shoe, and trail shoe.

Prize 9: 2023 Leadville Trail Marathon, guaranteed free entry plus your own custom training plan by Coach Eric.

Prize 10: 2023 Born to Run Ultramarathon Extravaganza free entry, plus a reserved  camp site near the starting line, plus honorary race-starter status (aka, you get to fire Luis’ shotgun and lead all runners in reciting the Caballo Blanco Blood Oath). Plus a free Born to Run insignia foot tattoo at Honest Bob’s Mobile RV Tattoo Parlor & Kibitzing Booth

Prize 11: 2023 Copper Canyon Ultramarathon, all meals and accommodations free.

Prize 12: 2023 One-Week Copper Canyon Training Camp with Eric Orton, all meals and accommodations free.

GRAND PRIZE, Club and Solo Divisions:

Solo - First edition advance copy of Born to Run 2, autographed and hand-delivered to your front door by Chris and Eric. 

Club - Special run workshop with you and your entire club at your US location.